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Battle of the Hawks ends in HCC victory

Battle of the Hawks ends in HCC victory

by Brock Kugler

Picking up their second win in three games, it was a hot start at HCC soccer field on Thursday afternoon, as the Lady Hawks hosted College of Southern Maryland. The game started passively as each of the teams tested their opponents capabilities. The thrilling part of any part of competition is making actual progress towards winning, and at the 7 minute mark thats exactly what Kamren Griffin and Quinn Beck did. As the HCC Hawks pressured CSM into their half of the field Kamren Griffin sent a pass-through ball to Quinn Beck who fired the ball over CSM's keeper generating a Hagerstown lead 1-0 over the CSM Hawks. 

"They made very good connections," head coach Clifton Williams commented. "If they continue to play this way they will definitely improve"

Shots on goal flew from both teams after the first score, letting up only for the the occasional water break. Eventually the flood gates opened and a rush of shots and ball movement enveloped the CSM Hawks' side of the field. The HCC Hawks had certainly found their stride, and sure enough Quinn Beck slid by the defence to pass the ball to Maggie Alvarez who found the back of the net. At the 19 minute mark, Hagerstown lead 2-0 over CSM.

The Hawks refused to slow their dominant pace as the half progressed, charging down the field time after time, clear after clear. The battery never ceased as Megan Smith capitalized on a breakaway, placing the ball in the net at the 35 minute mark to extend the Hawk's lead to 3-0. 

The lead remained 3-0 through halftime with Hagerstown outshooting CSM 7-2. The game seemed like it was all but over, but CSM had other plans. Whatever changes they talked about in their half time discussion came to fruition and an assault on HCC's goalie, Chloe Hadley began. The fortitude of both teams shined bright, with key saves happening for both teams continuously. Through one last desperate play CSM scored at the 90 minute mark, but it held no consiquence. The Lady Hawks held on for the 3-1 win.

"They played very hard," coach Williams stated with a grin covering his face. "We will continue to improve."