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Strength on the Glass takes away Opportunity for Hagerstown

Strength on the Glass takes away Opportunity for Hagerstown

On Wednesday, December 12th the Hawks hosted (9-0) Harford Community College in a battle for conference standings. Heading into the game, Harford was undefeated (4-0) in the conference verses Hagerstown's (3-3) record. 

Harford started the first quarter shooting 57% from three point range verses Hagerstown's 14%. The Hawks weathered the storm by moving the ball quickly through Harford's full court press. Fast ball movement helped the Hawks score 11 points in the first quarter with individual buckets being scored by each starting player. 

The Fighting Owls broke down the Hawks ball handling in the second quarter forcing 10 turnovers and passing through Hagerstown's defense. Fouls became an issue in the final minutes. Harford capitalized 10 points at the foul line that increased their lead by 18 points. (31-13) Harford at halftime.

In the third quarter opportunities fell short for the Hawks. Hagerstown had a field goal percentage of 26% (three point 14%). Ultimately, Harford created more opportunities to score and out rebounded the Hawks with 16 rebounds verses Hagerstown's 4. 

Hagerstown started and finished the fourth quarter scoring more than previous quarters but Harford's rebounding ability overtook the direction of the game. Harford collected 48 rebounds verses Hagerstown's 25 to finish the game. 

The Hagerstown Hawks fell to the Harford Fighting Owls (104-54), Final. Hagerstown (7-4) overall, (3-3) in the conference.

The Hawks travel to Montgomery College on Saturday, Januray 5th. Tip off is at 1:30PM.