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Hawks leave it all on the floor in Frederick on Saturday

Coming off winter break, the Hawks (6-9,) with a squad of 5, traveled to Frederick, on Saturday afternoon, to face the Cougars (11-4.) Despite present injuries and challenges facing the team, the Hawks battled to within 10 points at several junctures in the game, but couldn't overcome the Cougars, playing 10 men strong.  "This is the proudest I have been of this team so far this season," commented Head Coach, Bernard Hopkins, when asked about Saturday's game. "Our guys played their hearts out for as long as they could, and we were just physically and mentally worn down." Kyshon Tate scored 30 points, with 20 rebounds for the Hawks in Saturday's loss.

Next up for the Hawks, the Montgomery Raptors come to the ARCC on Wednesday, January 15th, tip off at 8:00 p.m.