Spring 2021 - Hawks hoping to take flight

Per the NJCAA plan of action proposal dated October 23, 2020, Hawks Men's & Women's Basketball, Volleyball, Indoor Track & Field, Baseball, Softball, and Golf will be authorized to start practices for their spring seasons on January 4, 2021. Men's and Women's Soccer will wait until March 15th to begin practice.

Given the COVID-19 infection rates remain low, and no additional NJCAA, CDC, state, or institutional restrictions are added, Hawks Baseball, Softball, and Golf will take to the fields and courses for the first time since May of 2019. With 2020-21 being like no other year, Volleyball will play in the spring, and Men's and Women's Basketball will begin their season in late January, where in past years, they'd have already played half of a season. And make no mistake, all Hawk athletes will be anxious to compete and ready to fly into their seasons.

If you enjoy sports and want to take in several Hawk events in the same afternoon, you'll have your chance this coming spring. All team schedules should be posted to the athletics website by the end of November. Keep checking the calendar at http://athletics.hagerstowncc.edu/landing/index (select the "Calendar" tab) and you could take in men's & women's basketball, softball and baseball games all in the same Saturday afternoon in March!